Printmaking Overwintering Linocut

Overwintering Project - Exhibition

β€œThe Overwintering Project is an environmental art project inviting artists from Australia and New Zealand to respond to the unique nature of their local migratory shorebird habitat. Australia and New Zealand have over 100 internationally important shorebird overwintering sites. These sites are not interchangeable: they each possess a unique combination of physical and biological features that make it the perfect sanctuary for migratory shorebirds to return to, year after year.

The project aims to raise awareness of Australia and New Zealand as the major destination for migratory shorebirds of the East Asian-Australasian Flyway, as they spend the greatest single portion of their migratory cycle on our shores (Sept./Oct. - April/May). It is also hoped that community and individual awareness of the intrinsic value and uniqueness of local shorebird habitat will be heightened and artists around Australia and New Zealand will be linked.”
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Title: In Transit
Medium: Linocut, stamping, and monoprint.
Paper: Japanese Kozo Paper on Hahnemuhle
Paper Size: 28cm x 28cm
Image Size: 20cm x 20cm

Artist Statement:
My print portrays the Curlew Sandpiper in flight, against the backdrop of the clouds at Long Reef Marine Reserve. Look up! Although not tangible, the sky; the very air they breath and fly through is being polluted on a daily basis. Inhalation exposure to pollutants such as urban and industrial emissions can cause a number of adverse effects. I used relief and monoprinting techniques; the sandpiper is a linocut, the clouds are hand carved stamps, and the sky background is a monoprint.